About Hercules

In the beginning it was me...

I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I'm the oldest of two. There were two before me but they passed away before I was born. Both my parents are immigrants that came from Italy. It was very difficult for them here especially trying to raise a family. My father was forced to make a living working were ever he could. He had a background in engineering, but wasn't able to get something in that field because he wasn't an American citizen. He ended up taking what ever savings he and my mom had and invested it into a bakery business.

The only thing I ever knew growing up was working in my parents bakery for a few years. At eight years old, my dad taught me how to make bread. As I became better at it, I would help my dad more and more until I was able to do many more things. He couldn't afford to hire more help because we were barely surviving, so I did the best I could.

Growing up...

When I was eleven, my parents changed their line of work to making Pizza and running a mom and pop restaurant. To get to this level, they again had to take whatever was accumulated in their savings to purchase this opportunity. We stayed there many years.

When I left high school, I got myself my very first job "on the books". I would get up at 5am just to get to work by 8am. After my shift was over, I would head back home, which was above the Pizzeria, take a shower, and head downstairs to finish the rest of the night and close the shop. I did that for a few years.

There finally came the day were my dad said he had enough (he had enough? heh!). He decided to sell everything, the house, the business, and even the investment property he had that paid some of the bills. Real estate wasn't doing so well back then. Anyhow, we all took an extended vacation as a family. The first one we ever had! We went to Italy for a few months.

I had to come back before everyone else because I had to get back to work, silly me. That's all I really knew how to do anyway. I stayed away from the food industry though. I worked in a new car dealership for a few years (about twenty).

Leaving the nest...

I met my current wife of 26 years, had three children, all girls, and it was all down hill from here! Just kidding. The best thing in my life next to my children was getting married.

I worked at the dealer for a bit until I had a major accident. Not a car accident or anything like that. Hercules broke his Achilles tendon! That kept me off my feet for two months and out of work for over 8 months. That accident completely ruined our lives. Needless to say, I never went back to work at the dealer again.

We bought a house together prior to the accident. We were fortunate enough to have a rental income that helped keep the bank from taking it away. We had to use whatever we had saved to survive. Oh I forgot to mention that I wanted my wife to raise my children, so she quit her job when my first was born over 23 years ago.

It was tough because I had young children, no insurance and wouldn't you know that my wife got pregnant with my third child while I was in a cast with my injury! That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I didn't know what to do because I had to learn how to walk all over again, literally.

Another chance...

I started a business installing satellite TV, got licensed to install home security systems, and did computer work all from my basement. It was very difficult because I was still very unstable with my foot because of the surgery, so climbing a ladder was next to impossible.

My wife and I joined all kinds of MLM businesses in the effort to try and get something going, but nothing panned out. I used the Internet to try and get leads the old fashioned way, BEG! Until I learned the secret to success. I was doing it all wrong all these years!

The big discovery...

I discovered a way to get people to come to me. Sounds crazy huh? I learned a system that has been used for centuries! Yes centuries! The cavemen were using this system. Duh, it only took me 40 years to figure it out!

Well then, it could only get better from here. I decided to put it to the test. I started a business online and tried the techniques I learned and BAM! My inbox was loaded! It was really easy. I learned how to use the Internet and Social Networking, along with a few other techniques all for FREE! I was getting results I didn't think were possible.

The learning process...

I began to spend more money on all the information I could get my hands on. I soon learned that education was key here. I used a portion of my earnings to gain the knowledge I needed to continue to grow.

There is a wealth of information out there. Take advantage of all the info you can. Everyday more and more information becomes available that makes this even easier. That's because of someone else doing all the testing for us.

Finally settled with my current company and building a strong and healthy team. I no longer chase after empty promises that eventually end up in a dead end. The best part about what I'm currently involved with is I'm...

Paying it forward...

I now help people learn how to save what they earn and earn on what they save TAX FREE! I learned that before I worry about earning a commission on a sale, I need to show how to build a strong, tax free retirement for my clients. The commission is a bonus because of the actions I take to help as many people and their families as possible. Once I figured out it's not about me and started focusing more on helping people, things started changing quickly.


Needless to say, I'm back on my feet and ready for the next chapter in my life. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my family and not going to work for someone else till the day I close my eyes forever.

Hey, I hope this was inspiration to you.  because words can't describe the true feelings I have inside after I learned a system that changed my life.

To your success,



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